OO Programming in Java

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Practical OO

Java Threads

Java AWT

Design Patterns

Network Intro

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Object Modeling in class
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Quick Definitions

Object Oriented Programming Data and Methods live together

Class Objects with certain characteristics live together

General OO

OO Benefits most often claimed

  • Faster application development at a lower cost

  • Decreased maintenance time

  • Less complicated and faster customizsation of programs

  • Higher quality code

Additional claimed benefits

  • Enables the development of a common GUI across all platforms

  • Handles the storage and manipulation of more complex data types.

  • Provides the infrastructure for distrubuted applications

What is OO Programming

  • OOP is a set of implementation techniques that can be done in any programming language and are very difficult to do in most programming languages

General Agreement on OOP

  • Strongly reflects software engineering ... information hiding and abstract data types

  • Better vehicle for reusing code

  • Produces more mailleable systems

  • Keeps the programmer in touch with the problem

Some people say ....

  • Demise of waterfall development.

  • Don't bother unless you have an OO language for final implementation

  • You can design and implement deep systems.

  • I'll never go back to conventional programing.

OO Principles

Workinng definitions

  • Object based - Objects only

  • Class based - Objects and Classes

  • Object oriented - Objects, Classes and Inheritance

3 ways to think of an object

  • The state of memory is accessible through the operations and only through the operations

  • Objects hava an inside and an outside

  • Personified data, antropomorphism, little people

Can these be objects

  • a bank account

  • a stack

  • an ADA package

  • a fraction

Why an object based view

  • Objects may resemble real world conterparts

  • People often think first of a thing, then what it can do.

  • Encapsulation facilitates enhancement

Classes are factories for new objects

  • Whale

  • BankAccount

  • DialogBox


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