OO Programming in Java

Class 5 Homework Assignment

Vending Machine GUI


Using the OO GUI classes design and implement a Vending Machine GUI on top of your
Vending Machine Business Model completed last week.

The GUI should look approximately as shown below:

Ignore the information below

If you are desperate, which you must be if you choose not to heed my warning above, I have include a code fragment below from Visual Cafe PDE with the positions and sizes of the GUI elements shown above.

This is terrible OO code. Do not use the code. It is only here to help you with some of the drudgery of positioning and sizing the components.

If you don't understand the code then forget about it. If you cannot extract the GUI component sizes and positions then invent them yourself. Your grade does *not* depend on how well you imitate the above diagram.

Bad OO Code Fragment Intended Only to Help with Sizes and Positions