Hyperstone Development System
User Interface Expansion Board

The SCT Hyperstone Expansion board contains everything to add a keyboard, mouse, LCD panel and Smart Media to a Hyperstone development system. All drivers are provided which allow simple interfacing to application C code. A simple graphics library is also included.  
Drivers are also included which allow the use of an open source Smalltalk dialect. This software provides a full windowing system for development and application deployment.  

Hyperstone based User Interface hardware and software available for sale and licensing.


Sample LCD image from our expansion board driven by the Hyperstone development system. Click for larger image.

More pictures and panel details are available.


Flexible hardware design can be quickly modified to fit almost any LCD panel. Supports Smart Media, standard keyboard, and mouse.

Software and Hardware design consulting available. Our specialty is rapid prototyping.  

Additional Details

Interconnection Diagram (.pdf)
Block Diagaam (.html) (.pdf)
Board Layout (.html) (.pdf)