Project History



Complete waterproof wristwatch camera system including circuitry for inductive charging and IRDA to USB downloading of images.


Full design of a low cost VGA SDIO Camera for Palm Pilot including SDIO ASIC


Ethernet ready RISC/DSP processor board with LCD/Keyboard/Mouse, PCMCIA, SmartMedia, TCP/IP stack and digital imager daughter board.


Custom designed digital imaging system for iris photography and analysis/matching. Communicates to host PDAs using an SDIO slot.


Companion base for Watch Camera includes inductive charger with USB and IRDA interfaces.


Porting Smalltalk to a Hyperstone RISC/DSP using an in-house designed set of CPLDs for the LCD, keyboard and mouse interfaces. Wrote drivers to control both DSTN and TFT displays.

Details (.html) (.pdf)

Wireless Palm application using Smalltalk on the Pilot communicating via PPP to a Java Database Server

Java middleware for a major disk drive company. Coupled low level clients to Oracle database via JDBC.


FTP, HTTP, and various ad hoc servers for Internet Appliance using Mircoware's OS/9  
ATA driver written entirely in Java. Used for talking to a disk drive using only JNI for the parallel I/O.  
Simulation of a large manufacturing facility for benchmarking middleware transport and JDBC / Oracle connection.  


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