OO Programming in Java

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Mail Java Code to: Mail Repository
The code should be just the .java files 'zipped' into one file
'zipped' means anything that WinZip understands ..
.zip, .tar, .tar.gz, .. etc.

Bring Object Models and Scenario Diagrams on paper to class

Object Oriented Programming Using Java


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Thermostat Code
Part II of this week's assignment

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Combiner Code

AWT Examples

EventCommander Pattern

Jay's Example View

Zoo View


Video Pricer with Automatic Promotion Loading

Coding Standard Link (Doug Lea)

Supplimental Vending Machine Solution


Getter / Setter Creation Software

Java Getter / Setter Creator

When creating getters/setters for a class simply type the instance variable's class name, variable name, and comments. Press the ESC key while the cursor is in the comments field to add the entry to the clipboard. This will also clear the entry boxes and allow you to enter another instance variable. When done simply paste the results into your editor then use the GetSet/Clear menu option to begin entering the instance variables for the next class..